Its hard to imagine the Colosseum was finished in 80 AD! In high school Roman History was my first love! I could read about it for hours on end. I always said I would visit Rome before I died. Here I am in 2012 looking into the busy streets of Rome! I am in Rome for crying out loud! Traveling Europe has  simply been amazing! I don’t mind traveling alone but its more exciting to do it with girlfriends! We decided to  take a stroll through the busy streets in the heart of Rome to see the Colosseum! Rome in unlike Berlin as the drivers don’t really have rules. The traffic lights are merely a suggestion we were told. I was more afraid to walk the streets because of the drivers than pickpockets!

The Colosseum one of the few historical sites that have absolutely taken my breath away! As soon as I got off the plane I couldn’t wait! I had to see it, but a few locals told us that it was closing so we waited until the next day. My friends and I came upon this beautiful vast architecture and could do nothing other than stare for hours! Literally we stayed for hours. It was nice to get a look at the Colosseum in the day time and in the evening!  It’s a completely different experience to see both.

Walking through the streets of Rome as in most European cities you are just overwhelmed with the details and structures of these long standing buildings. The detail and time it took to build this amazing achitectures are astounding! I am never bored nor do I seem to see the same designs on any two buildings. I tend to appreciate the ruins more than the restored buildings.  I often wonder how the locals view these magnificent wonders. Are they amazed as much as I am? Do they stop and just stare for hours on end as I did?

colosseum picmonkey