Happy Spring! Winter is finally over! It’s still a bit chilly here in Berlin but we’ve had a few warm days. Nothing like Atlanta warm but it will do for now. This weekend I took the opportunity to plant most of my flowers as the sun was out and it was a beautiful day! What are you planting this Spring?!

Wie Gehts Freuden,

I’ve been listening to the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Ella Fitzgerald, as it’s one of my winter favorites. Music can change your perspective in a matter of minutes! Every night my dh walks our little puppy before he heads to bed. He had a lot of work to finish that he was working on so I decided to take Coco for a walk. I really didn’t want to take her as I don’t like cold weather one bit. I decided to be do something that wasnt a big deal but it was helpful to him. As I walked out of the building of our flat it began to snow harder.  I had no idea the snow was even more beautiful at night than it was earlier that day when I was out with the kids. As I walked down the streets of our quaint neighborhood, I noticed how quiet and peaceful it was. All I could hear were the buzzing lights on the streets that were previously heated by oil, but currently are heated by gas. I still think that’s pretty cool in 2015! In all of my 35 years of living in Atlanta I have never walked the streets at night with fresh snow on the ground and gas lights that light my path through the darkness.

Berlin has opened my eyes to so many things, people, and experiences I could have never dreamt of. I am beyond thankful to my husband for bringing us to Berlin and exposing us to a whole new way of life. Something as simple as snow on a cold winters night can open your eyes to an entirely different world and at the same time show you a different perspective. What would have been a night I would have never experienced turned out to be a night where I thanked God for allowing us to be in a place on this very night so that I could say ” I remember One Cold Berlin Night…”




Its hard to imagine the Colosseum was finished in 80 AD! In high school Roman History was my first love! I could read about it for hours on end. I always said I would visit Rome before I died. Here I am in 2012 looking into the busy streets of Rome! I am in Rome for crying out loud! Traveling Europe has  simply been amazing! I don’t mind traveling alone but its more exciting to do it with girlfriends! We decided to  take a stroll through the busy streets in the heart of Rome to see the Colosseum! Rome in unlike Berlin as the drivers don’t really have rules. The traffic lights are merely a suggestion we were told. I was more afraid to walk the streets because of the drivers than pickpockets!

The Colosseum one of the few historical sites that have absolutely taken my breath away! As soon as I got off the plane I couldn’t wait! I had to see it, but a few locals told us that it was closing so we waited until the next day. My friends and I came upon this beautiful vast architecture and could do nothing other than stare for hours! Literally we stayed for hours. It was nice to get a look at the Colosseum in the day time and in the evening!  It’s a completely different experience to see both.

Walking through the streets of Rome as in most European cities you are just overwhelmed with the details and structures of these long standing buildings. The detail and time it took to build this amazing achitectures are astounding! I am never bored nor do I seem to see the same designs on any two buildings. I tend to appreciate the ruins more than the restored buildings.  I often wonder how the locals view these magnificent wonders. Are they amazed as much as I am? Do they stop and just stare for hours on end as I did?

colosseum picmonkey







It’s my favorite time of year. Normally I would have already brought out all the Christmas decor but I have yet to do that. I am really focused on the Thanksgiving holidays this year and being thankful now. Although, the minute that I am done with hosting I plan on decorating all weekend long listening to our Christmas favorites! For me it’s the season not just a day. Last year was our first Thanksgiving in Germany and I was the host as usual but I was not fully present. By fully present I mean I went through the motions in a daze. I was missing home, family, and my friends. I was not in a place mentally where I could fully appreciate all the good that God had given me. I thought to myself “why has he moved us”, “why did I agree”? I had also anticipated me feeling normal by this time as most people said it would take about 6 months. 6 months came and went and I wasn’t feeling normal. I remember sitting at the table and just wondering how I got here. By here, I mean the sadness, regret, resentment, the feeling that I was going to be sick, and my kids went to the worse school ever and I couldn’t do anything about it. I wasn’t use to not having control. As, I sat at that table all I wanted to do was cry because I was the most homesick that I had ever been. I am the kind of person that I can “perform” for the occasion. It’s quite exhausting and unfulfilling. I spent almost a year of my life here in Germany going through the motions and not being fully present. I think I was waiting for the moment of “arrival”. Well, that moment came not as I thought it would but it came in the form of my little “Angel” saying “mommy, you don’t seem so happy, did we do something wrong”? That was my wake-up call! I was not having it! I would not have my children feeling like they did something to make mommy unhappy. My unhappiness was my choice. I decided that we are on the journey for HIS purpose not mine and I needed to become fully present in my life and the life of my family. This is the life I was given and I don’t want to look back years from now and think I wasted it on things that I can’t control. I love my family so much and the thought of my family thinking they did something wrong really changed my outlook on my life. As I have said in previous post, I am a work in progress but during the process I need to live not watch life. We have been blessed with an incredible opportunity and friends living abroad. It’s pretty calm here in Germany and so I still have lots of time to work on me and I am thankful for that! For the past two weeks I have been watching movies of my kids through the years and remembering all the fun we have as a family. I’m so glad that I love to take pictures and record video because it’s nice to be reminded of what’s important. It usually ends with me having tears in my eyes because time passes. I was reminded this week as a truly sweet friend of mine lost her father unexpectedly. Life is uncertain, live, love, and smile. Appreciate where you are in life today because today is what matters, yesterday has passed.
Our Last Christmas in the USA Our last Christmas in USA 2010
We fall down but I have taught her to get up She fell down but she kept pushing..Life Lesson
We did this day on a groupon...10.00 for a family of 5 and hot chocolate! We love groupon! 10.00 Christmas excursion
Skating with my princess I will always be there to guide you
Daddy loves his little princess She has no idea the smile her dad has on his face…priceless!