Does anyone remember that saying “things that make you go hmmmm”? So yesterday, I took a spin class, ran 9.00 miles in preparation for my upcoming half marathon, walked two miles after that as my wonderful husband wanted to take an evening walk. Last night I couldn’t get him to wear his c-pap machine because breathing properly is optional. I was awake until about 2:30am. Today my family said I seemed grouchy. Huh….things that make you go hummmm.

Happy Spring! Winter is finally over! It’s still a bit chilly here in Berlin but we’ve had a few warm days. Nothing like Atlanta warm but it will do for now. This weekend I took the opportunity to plant most of my flowers as the sun was out and it was a beautiful day! What are you planting this Spring?!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I took the time last season to just take pictures and enjoy the quality time rather than blog. So this post is after the holiday season but it was worth it. About 3 months before Christmas we found out the grandparents wanted to visit. I am a planner, so of course I had our Christmas trip planned since September. We decided we would go to Prague for Christmas.  We always do a “Trip Under The Tree” for Christmas instead of tons of gifts. Memories are what will be remembered not the “stuff”. We had been to Prague before and thought it was a very beautiful old city so we decided we would do it again. We told the grandparents of our plan and they decided they would meet us in Prague. I asked them to keep it a secret so we could surprise the kids. They didn’t think it would work. If you follow me on Instagram you saw the video and the shock of it all by the squeal that burst from their mouths. It was a very teary-eyed emotional moment of all parties involved. It was amazing and by far the best surprise ever! My children are blessed to have such loving, dedicated, and involved grandparents in their lives. My husband and I are blessed that they make the effort at least once a year to come and see our family. Family is the most important thing in the world no matter your differences. I am glad that my children have that as I had it growing up as a kid and it was amazing.  My grandmother was the most influential woman in my life and still to this day even though she has passed on. The legacy I want to leave behind is Family Is Important. The good, the bad, and the not so nice times. Everyone in this photo is all because of a boy met a girl in 5th grade and they created all these blessings. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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What a week it has been in America! I must admit things have changed. I love America as it’s my home through the good and the bad. We moved to Germany 5.5 years ago. At first it seemed like a good idea as we planned our move with Nokia at the time. The move was the smoothest move ever when I think about it. When we arrived I was more than shocked to say the least. It wasn’t because of my lack of traveling.  I had traveled to Hawaii, the Carribeans, and within the USA but honey, Nothing could have prepared me for the Shock of it all. After the first year and surviving a winter I was DONE! I complained every single day. “Nothing was right”,I said. “In America we have this and that”,I said. The entire time my grandmother and father both told me to have “several seats” and start living in the now. Every year became just a little bit easier, a little bit. My children have lived almost half their lives in Europe and I can see how they have integrated into the German culture. I’m proud of them for just immersing themselves. They did better than their mom.  A lot of what happens in America they don’t understand because they haven’t lived it or experienced it. Every country has issues including racism and we aren’t exempt! It’s just not an everyday accurance in or lives. On the other hand I’m busy and making sure they are safe so I don’t see all the looks or stares etc. Berlin is pretty diverse and everyone looks different but ignorance is everywhere. My kids understand their mama is black and I have had experiences with racism. I will take them out at any point when they think they can be direspectful to anyone. I always remind them that we are southern and some things we just don’t do. They get it and I’m glad. My focus was blurred until the last year. I want focused on our journey for his purpose but my journey for my purpose.  I wasn’t focusing on what I have and what’s to come but on what I was missing. It occurred to me when my daughter asked me to take my phone and place it on the ground. I thought she must be on some drug I didn’t know about or she was confused about who her mama was. After I sighed, rolled my eyes, huffed and puffed, I decided to just do something she wanted me to do and the picture I captured was amazing!!! This picture below of the leaves and my family walking away from me gave me a new perspective of this life abroad we live. All 4 of them are my focus because no matter what happens in the world they are the most precious gift to me and it’s all I honestly care about. We are Happy, Healthy, and Holy(in Jesus and our Hearts). There is no place like home but for now home is where my family lives. Living wherever we are is the journey for his purpose. 

Hi Ya’ll doing? For almost a year my good friend Sarah and I decided we would do a girls trip. We looked a at traveling to different countries and Turkey was a common choice among the two of us. I’ve wanted to travel to Turkey for quite a long time. Everytime I’ve wanted to visit, there seem to always be some kind of political unrest in the country. We decided to stay away from Istanbul until things settled down and instead we visited another beautiful region of Turkey instead called Marmaris. It was the best decision ever! I decided that when I travel I am going to be more adventurous. Well, I decided I would go parasailing! I was terrified but I was determined that I would have a story to tell! The view of Turkey from above was the most magical experience I could have imagined. Sailing through the clean air with crystal clear water underneath my feet was amazing! I was speechless and in awe of God’s creation.  Marmaris is the untouched part of Turkey as I see it. There’s little traffic, great beaches, fantastic restaurants, little shopping, great hotels that don’t block the view of the ocean, and fantastic cocktails.  If you are looking for a place to truly go and relax without tourist everywhere then this is your place. The people of Marmaris were beyond excited we were visiting although they said I was the first American to visit  in years. I didn’t know if this was a good thing or bad thing. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our week in Marmaris and I would certainly go back to this peaceful region of turkey with it’s crystal blue waters and sand that feels like cotton.img_9985 img_0087




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Last month my twins turned 14!! Can you believe I am the mom of teenagers! I look really good if I do say so myself. I gave my twins the choice of a trip with mom/dad or a birthday party. My son chose a bowling party with his friends and my daughter chose a trip with just her and I. We both were excited so I surprised her with a trip to Scotland! It was the best mother daughter trip ever. We talked, walked,laughed, ate, laughed, and ate some more. There is nothing like spending time with your kids one on one. We decided that the trip cost more than a party but the memories were priceless and so we started a new tradition. Every year for her birthday, she and I will do a trip together. I love that she loves spending time with me because I love spending time with her.  The one thing I am very protective of is our family time and mother daughter time. She’s not the normal teenager who gets embarrassed of her parents but instead she understands the meaning of family and doing life together. I am blessed that I get to be her mother and share new experiences with her. I wish my mom was only this cool when I was a kid. Family time is the best time!






Wie Gehts Freuden,

Girls, girls, girls! My youngest is preteen and my twin daughter is teenager! There is never a quiet or dull moment in the Montgomery house.  Where did the time go? As I look at them,  I am speechless at the young ladies they are blossoming into. I don’t always recognize the changes physically or mentally in them until I’m taking pictures or listening to them talk and then I see the seeds that my husband and I have planted. My girls enjoying being around me and haven’t gone through the “embarrassed of my mother phase“.  I never went through that phase as it wasn’t an option as a kid. I didn’t like everything my parents said but I always loved my parents and wanted to be with them as much as I could, as they were my parents. I also knew where my bread and butter came from so acting a “fool” wasn’t going to work in my parents house. My parents are old school and I’m so grateful at how they showed me what was acceptable and unacceptable behavior. I’m proud to say that I am using all some of their parenting skills on my own children. I have two girls and a son and that’s a challenge at times as they are different in many ways. I have heard people tell me that different children require different rules. I disagree. God made one bible for the world and we are all different but yet he doesn’t parent us differently. My house is the same and all the same rules apply to all that take up residence at the moment. There are many homes and apartments for sale and if they can’t follow the rules…agents are waiting! I will love these two girls more than anyone on this earth and I will love them to the core and have great expectations. Girls, girls, girls, gotta love them!

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Wie Gehts Freunden,

It’s been an amazing summer! I’m so glad that I took the time to relax and didn’t do anything but spend time with my family. The kids are growing up faster than I can blink! Life is good… always a roller coaster but I can’t complain. Everyone is healthy and enjoying expat life. I still get homesick but that’s to be expected. I’ve decided to live each day for that day and not worry about “what’s next”. This is a challenge for me, but I tend to do well at challenges. For everyday in September I’m choosing to do something that I haven’t done in a while. Not look forward but only at today. I think we tend to look ahead and miss out on enjoying what God has given us today. The struggle is real ya’ll! It’s about the Journey For His Purpose.

Wie Gehts Freuden,
I’m going to just say that my 12 year old daughter is the most amazing young lady I have met. She sent me this email tonight as I was just ticked off. I can be just as transparent as the next person and I’m going to give her 110% because I have done well thus far!:
Dear Mommy,
I hope you and Dad figure out a solution to you guys’s dilemma. I am positive that if you let Daddy explain himself he will clarify what he said and how he meant it and should have said it. Please let daddy explain himself. Daddy did not mean what he said and I know for a fact somewhere in your heart you know he did not mean it as well. Now whether you decide to let him clarify what he meant is not my decision but I know you know God would want you to let him.

Psalm 37:30 says the mouth of the righteous man utters wisdom, and his tongue utters just.
Now I think what this verse is trying to say is this : The man who is usually right has wisdom and he says fair things. Now this righteous man is not always right and his tongue does not always say the right things. But God would want you to listen to the righteous man anyways. If you haven’t figured it out the righteous man is Dad.

Please let Dad explain.
Love your daughter,

Kelli Michelle


Wie Gehts Freuden,

I’ve been listening to the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Ella Fitzgerald, as it’s one of my winter favorites. Music can change your perspective in a matter of minutes! Every night my dh walks our little puppy before he heads to bed. He had a lot of work to finish that he was working on so I decided to take Coco for a walk. I really didn’t want to take her as I don’t like cold weather one bit. I decided to be do something that wasnt a big deal but it was helpful to him. As I walked out of the building of our flat it began to snow harder.  I had no idea the snow was even more beautiful at night than it was earlier that day when I was out with the kids. As I walked down the streets of our quaint neighborhood, I noticed how quiet and peaceful it was. All I could hear were the buzzing lights on the streets that were previously heated by oil, but currently are heated by gas. I still think that’s pretty cool in 2015! In all of my 35 years of living in Atlanta I have never walked the streets at night with fresh snow on the ground and gas lights that light my path through the darkness.

Berlin has opened my eyes to so many things, people, and experiences I could have never dreamt of. I am beyond thankful to my husband for bringing us to Berlin and exposing us to a whole new way of life. Something as simple as snow on a cold winters night can open your eyes to an entirely different world and at the same time show you a different perspective. What would have been a night I would have never experienced turned out to be a night where I thanked God for allowing us to be in a place on this very night so that I could say ” I remember One Cold Berlin Night…”