Journey#79: A Different Perspective

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What a week it has been in America! I must admit things have changed. I love America as it’s my home through the good and the bad. We moved to Germany 5.5 years ago. At first it seemed like a good idea as we planned our move with Nokia at the time. The move was the smoothest move ever when I think about it. When we arrived I was more than shocked to say the least. It wasn’t because of my lack of traveling.  I had traveled to Hawaii, the Carribeans, and within the USA but honey, Nothing could have prepared me for the Shock of it all. After the first year and surviving a winter I was DONE! I complained every single day. “Nothing was right”,I said. “In America we have this and that”,I said. The entire time my grandmother and father both told me to have “several seats” and start living in the now. Every year became just a little bit easier, a little bit. My children have lived almost half their lives in Europe and I can see how they have integrated into the German culture. I’m proud of them for just immersing themselves. They did better than their mom.  A lot of what happens in America they don’t understand because they haven’t lived it or experienced it. Every country has issues including racism and we aren’t exempt! It’s just not an everyday accurance in or lives. On the other hand I’m busy and making sure they are safe so I don’t see all the looks or stares etc. Berlin is pretty diverse and everyone looks different but ignorance is everywhere. My kids understand their mama is black and I have had experiences with racism. I will take them out at any point when they think they can be direspectful to anyone. I always remind them that we are southern and some things we just don’t do. They get it and I’m glad. My focus was blurred until the last year. I want focused on our journey for his purpose but my journey for my purpose.  I wasn’t focusing on what I have and what’s to come but on what I was missing. It occurred to me when my daughter asked me to take my phone and place it on the ground. I thought she must be on some drug I didn’t know about or she was confused about who her mama was. After I sighed, rolled my eyes, huffed and puffed, I decided to just do something she wanted me to do and the picture I captured was amazing!!! This picture below of the leaves and my family walking away from me gave me a new perspective of this life abroad we live. All 4 of them are my focus because no matter what happens in the world they are the most precious gift to me and it’s all I honestly care about. We are Happy, Healthy, and Holy(in Jesus and our Hearts). There is no place like home but for now home is where my family lives. Living wherever we are is the journey for his purpose. 

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  1. Daniel Michael Montgomery - 1 year ago

    Natalie, so happy to read your post. It sounds like you are acclimated to Germany and enjoying life with your family.

    Love, Grandpa

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