Journey#78: My Turkish Birthday

Hi Ya’ll doing? For almost a year my good friend Sarah and I decided we would do a girls trip. We looked a at traveling to different countries and Turkey was a common choice among the two of us. I’ve wanted to travel to Turkey for quite a long time. Everytime I’ve wanted to visit, there seem to always be some kind of political unrest in the country. We decided to stay away from Istanbul until things settled down and instead we visited another beautiful region of Turkey instead called Marmaris. It was the best decision ever! I decided that when I travel I am going to be more adventurous. Well, I decided I would go parasailing! I was terrified but I was determined that I would have a story to tell! The view of Turkey from above was the most magical experience I could have imagined. Sailing through the clean air with crystal clear water underneath my feet was amazing! I was speechless and in awe of God’s creation.  Marmaris is the untouched part of Turkey as I see it. There’s little traffic, great beaches, fantastic restaurants, little shopping, great hotels that don’t block the view of the ocean, and fantastic cocktails.  If you are looking for a place to truly go and relax without tourist everywhere then this is your place. The people of Marmaris were beyond excited we were visiting although they said I was the first American to visit  in years. I didn’t know if this was a good thing or bad thing. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our week in Marmaris and I would certainly go back to this peaceful region of turkey with it’s crystal blue waters and sand that feels like cotton.img_9985 img_0087




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