Journey #77: Scones And Tea For Two

How ya’ll doing?

Last month my twins turned 14!! Can you believe I am the mom of teenagers! I look really good if I do say so myself. I gave my twins the choice of a trip with mom/dad or a birthday party. My son chose a bowling party with his friends and my daughter chose a trip with just her and I. We both were excited so I surprised her with a trip to Scotland! It was the best mother daughter trip ever. We talked, walked,laughed, ate, laughed, and ate some more. There is nothing like spending time with your kids one on one. We decided that the trip cost more than a party but the memories were priceless and so we started a new tradition. Every year for her birthday, she and I will do a trip together. I love that she loves spending time with me because I love spending time with her.  The one thing I am very protective of is our family time and mother daughter time. She’s not the normal teenager who gets embarrassed of her parents but instead she understands the meaning of family and doing life together. I am blessed that I get to be her mother and share new experiences with her. I wish my mom was only this cool when I was a kid. Family time is the best time!






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