Journey #76: Girls, Girls, Girls, Living Abroad

Wie Gehts Freuden,

Girls, girls, girls! My youngest is preteen and my twin daughter is teenager! There is never a quiet or dull moment in the Montgomery house.  Where did the time go? As I look at them,  I am speechless at the young ladies they are blossoming into. I don’t always recognize the changes physically or mentally in them until I’m taking pictures or listening to them talk and then I see the seeds that my husband and I have planted. My girls enjoying being around me and haven’t gone through the “embarrassed of my mother phase“.  I never went through that phase as it wasn’t an option as a kid. I didn’t like everything my parents said but I always loved my parents and wanted to be with them as much as I could, as they were my parents. I also knew where my bread and butter came from so acting a “fool” wasn’t going to work in my parents house. My parents are old school and I’m so grateful at how they showed me what was acceptable and unacceptable behavior. I’m proud to say that I am using all some of their parenting skills on my own children. I have two girls and a son and that’s a challenge at times as they are different in many ways. I have heard people tell me that different children require different rules. I disagree. God made one bible for the world and we are all different but yet he doesn’t parent us differently. My house is the same and all the same rules apply to all that take up residence at the moment. There are many homes and apartments for sale and if they can’t follow the rules…agents are waiting! I will love these two girls more than anyone on this earth and I will love them to the core and have great expectations. Girls, girls, girls, gotta love them!

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