Journey #74 Things I’ve Taught My Daughter

Wie Gehts Freuden,
I’m going to just say that my 12 year old daughter is the most amazing young lady I have met. She sent me this email tonight as I was just ticked off. I can be just as transparent as the next person and I’m going to give her 110% because I have done well thus far!:
Dear Mommy,
I hope you and Dad figure out a solution to you guys’s dilemma. I am positive that if you let Daddy explain himself he will clarify what he said and how he meant it and should have said it. Please let daddy explain himself. Daddy did not mean what he said and I know for a fact somewhere in your heart you know he did not mean it as well. Now whether you decide to let him clarify what he meant is not my decision but I know you know God would want you to let him.

Psalm 37:30 says the mouth of the righteous man utters wisdom, and his tongue utters just.
Now I think what this verse is trying to say is this : The man who is usually right has wisdom and he says fair things. Now this righteous man is not always right and his tongue does not always say the right things. But God would want you to listen to the righteous man anyways. If you haven’t figured it out the righteous man is Dad.

Please let Dad explain.
Love your daughter,

Kelli Michelle


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