Journey # 69: Priority Mail! Expat Quality Time

Wie Gehts Freuden,

It’s spring time! The birds are chirping, the  flowers are blooming, and that means it’s almost my birthday! I am so excited about Spring and Summer.  Our in-laws will also arrive this Spring!  Normally my dh plans a getaway for us when they arrive because that’s the only time that we get away from the expat life and reconnect. As a couple its important to have “couple time” as an expat couple it’s crucial!  This year the kids are actually out of school for Ostern Vacation (Easter Vacation), its my bday (yay), we pick up a car (awesome), and we have family in town (always a treat). So how do we schedule the most important time as a couple during this busy time of the year? this is when you have to prioritize and make your marriage a priority.  I’m just going to keep it real! Not only am I often forgotten as a mom and wife,but our marriage is often overlooked do to my husband’s job, day-to-day activities, social events and homework. Dont get me wrong I am thankful for his job and that he loves it so much. This international move was the best thing ever for us as a family. I have changed my view on that recently, as I doubted the move here to Berlin. I would not trade his happiness at his job, or my kids having the experience of a lifetime for anything although,  it comes at a price. I notice how much our relationship has been put on the back burner when I look at the pictures below. Getting away once a year seems like more of a requirement than an option. Date Nights are good but it’s not the same as you still are occupied with what you need to do around the house. I know that life gets busy but if you devote your life to the kids, work, friends, and house work one day when all those things are gone you won’t know how to spend time together because it stopped being a priority along the way. I’m trying to teach my kids that you must first make time for your relationship as it was a choice and it requires commitment.  Make your marriage a Priority as it comes everyday just like the mail (Sundays are for rest).

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