Journey #64: On The Fourth Day Of Christmas….We Decorated Gingerbread Houses

Wie Gehts,
We are making all sorts of goodies here in Berlin. My house smells of cookies, hot chocolate and gingerbread! We decided the other day to have a friend over to stay the night and decorate gingerbread houses. We found the entire kit from Woolworths after leaving the Zehlendorf Christmas market. I am still in shock that Germany has a Woolworth, as it closed down in Georgia about 25 years ago. It still looks the same and has the same layout as I remember. We bought the gingerbread kits for 6 euros each! The girls and their friend had a fantastic time decorating them. Although, they ate half the candy before the houses were done. Girls tend to chat a lot, so this project took them 2 hours with all the chatter but they had a blast! I know my son can appreciate he was away at a sleepover with all the giggles and little Miss Chatter Boxes. Gotta love Girls and Gingerbread Houses! What traditional crafts have you done this Christmas?

day 4 ginger

ginger 2Ginger 3

Ginger 5

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