Journey #63: On The 3rd Day of Christmas… Homemade Ornaments For Our Tree

Wie Ghets,
Merry Christmas to all! I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season. It’s cold here in Deutschland but not as cold as last year. This fall weather isnt going to fool me…I know Winter Is Coming!THe other day I was on Pinterest as I am on there more than I drink water it seems. Pinterest in my “happy place”! It’s very informative and has all the latest styles, recipes, books, crafts, and even sewing patterns! If you can think it, Pinterest has it! So, as you may know…our theme for Christmas 2013 is Homemade. We are making a variety of crafts and creating a fun family after school day at “home” during the month of December. We are having a blast and learning more about each other and practicing patience with one another. I am so glad that I came up with this theme and so is my family. I found a tutorial on how to make map ornaments. This was a perfect idea as we are always traveling and I thought a geography lesson could be taught through this craft in particular and I was right! We mapped where we lived in America and places we have visited in Germany! This was definitely one of our favorite crafts.Whats a craft that you can make a memory this holiday season?
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