Journey #62: On The Second Day Of Christmas We Had A Tea Partea!

Wie Ghets,
Every Christmas season we keep our old traditions and also add new ones. Our new tradition this year was to have a tea party every Monday after school. My kids are definitely tea connoisseurs! My mother in law contributed greatly to this love of tea by having tea with them in the mornings when the kids would stay overnight. This was is a favorite that will go in their “Grandma and Me books. Over the years, we have accumulated lots of tea pots as I like to collect them and my girls have joined me. I need a china cabinet just house my beautiful tea pots and tea cups! The greatest benefit of drinking tea that I have noticed is that it helps my kids calm down after a long day at school and get to have those special “conversations” about their day! This alone is an added benefit of “tea time” What traditions have you added?

Day 2 Christmas tea

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  1. angela - 4 years ago

    Our new tradition this year was getting the Lego Winter Village set. We gave it to the kids Thanksgiving afternoon. It took a couple of days to build it and really provided some good bonding time. We had a few squabbles over who’s turn it was to build, but overall it was a great experience.

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