Journey #60: It’s Fall Ya’ll

fall blog 3Wie Gehts Freuden,
Isn’t fall one of the most beautiful seasons of the year? As we say in the’s fall y’all! Last year in Germany I must have either been in a fog or it simply wasn’t this beautiful outside. It has already been an amazing fall and I have gotten out everyday! One of my goals while living in Europe was to take as many pictures as I could. I absolutely love photography and I have been looking for an English-speaking photography class. I haven’t had much luck but I am teaching myself with an online course. I have made it a goal to venture out everyday that it’s not raining and explore something new and interesting.

Its been unusually warm and sunny in Berlin. A few times last week it was 70 degrees on the same days as it was in Atlanta! I love fall for so many reasons one of which being it leads up to the holidays! We decided to go for afternoon walks on the weekend as a family and just walk to different neighborhoods. We have discovered so many gardens, flats, and some very unique cars on our afternoon strolls. We laugh, we are loud, but we enjoy our family time. It’s interesting that when people see us they smile and say “Hallo”. Normally Germans tend to not greet you unless they know you. I am enjoying the smiles and contagious laughter that we are spreading.

fall blog4
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  1. Sheryl - 4 years ago

    Very pretty

  2. Phyllis Murrell - 4 years ago

    Your photographs are spectacular. Glad you are enjoying your journey.

    • mochaqt - 4 years ago

      Hey Phyllis! Thank you so much for reading my responses. It really nice to know there are loved ones out there following us on this sometimes difficult but rewarding journey.

  3. BessieAkuba - 4 years ago

    beautiful! I love the colors of fall, especially here in Germany.

  4. Michelle - 4 years ago

    Beautiful pictures!

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