Journey #55: The Berlin Life Of A Princess

We kicked off our summer with my youngest daughters birthday party. After moving to Europe, I noticed that birthday parties were not at all like back home in the ATL. We tend to go all out for our kids birthdays. My kids have been invited to some pretty extravagant parties that most adults can’t even begin to imagine. The most memorable one was when my oldest daughter was invited to a birthday party and the guest of honor was an Atlanta Braves Baseball player, followed by a limousine as the transportation. I personally think it’s more fun to create themes, mix great music, eat great food, enjoy fantastic friends, and have the most memorable birthday ever. My family always says to me that I make them feel like the day belonged to them on their birthdays. Nothing brings me greater joy!
One of the hardest things about living in Berlin is that they lack party stores. In America we have Hallmark, Party City, Oriental Trading Company, Wally World and of course Target. The few stores that are in Berlin are tiny. The supplies are somewhat limiting if you have a particular theme that consist of Disney Characters or the cast of any popular Nickelodeon TV show for example. It was difficult but we pulled it off! We had a Pink Princess Pop-Star Party! It was Pinkaliciously divine for a girl who was turning 9! This was the first party where I let her decide who “she” wanted at her party. This was hard for me because I don’t tolerate bad kids in my home. Southern girls will “catch a case” if little mouths get outta hand. It was a great mix of kids that came. Some kids were younger and some older. When I saw her guest, list it really showed me who she has become as she’s gotten older. She’s like her mom in many ways. She does not invite based upon race, age, or whose friends with whom. It’s her party you can come if you want too! I was equally impressed at her menu which consisted of French Fries, chicken nuggets, a fruit tray, and homemade strawberry lemonade! She knows how to have a great party! We had plenty of great friends, music, food, games, and the best guitar cake ever! It was another memorable birthday with a beautiful princess who is aging to perfection! My favorite thing that I look forward to for her birthday is her outfit choice. She rocks it every year! Happy Birthday Princess!









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  1. Allie - 4 years ago

    Yay!!! What a great party and even better pictures. She definitely rocked that amazing skirt. Looks like you all had a blast, and I love the pink lemonade.

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