Journey#52: Pink Rocks!

We did it in Berlin!! It was our first race together running for breast cancer! The Avon race was fantastic! a beautiful day filled with sun, pink, and women who have been affected in some way by breast cancer. I was inspired by a dear friend from back home to run for this cause! It was truly an inspiration. Before the race, I talked to my Chipettes about why we are running a breast cancer race in particular. They were sad but understood that they are running because other women that have been affected by this disease can’t. We also met a few women who beat breast cancer and are running for their friends! My girls looked around and noticed everyone had on pink. On this day the color pink was not only a girlie color but a color that united women and girls from all over the world. My girls ran with pride and joy in their hearts. It wasn’t about winning it was about finishing! As a mom, all I could do as I watched them run was say, “Thank you God for me being able to share this experience with my girls”. There is no greater joy than shaping your daughters into giving, selfless, individuals who show compassion to others.








  1. Sheryl Rohan - 5 years ago

    Keep up the hard work! Family that works together stay together!!

  2. phyllis murrell - 5 years ago

    Glad you and the girls could share this experience. I’m happy to be a distant cousin of such a neat family.

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