Karneval German-Style

Road trip to Braunschweig! Braunschweig is about 2 hours from Berlin and 30 minutes from Wolfsburg. We were invited by some wonderful friends of ours who happen to be Berliners to Karneval! Karneval celebrations come from different beliefs. For Catholics, it provided a festive season of food and fun before the Lenten fasting period would begin. We had never been to Karneval but we decided we would go although we only found out about it two days before the big parade! I didn’t have enough time to go and look for costumes so my kids decided to be creative and use clothing and accessories that we already had. We ended up with two rappers (twins) and a Princess(shocker!). We met up with our friends as they left a day before we did as they were visiting a friend who lives on the street where the parade would be. That was awesome because as we watched it on TV, we could hear the parade getting closer so knew when to rush downstairs. It was a blast! Candy was thrown from every float that passed. We have candy times 4 as I collected my own candy too! This was the best impromptu road trip so far to a new town with some great friends. We walked away feeling blessed. We went with some really good friends, met some new friends, ate great food, and had the best car conversations! It’s all about our journey for his purpose!


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