Our First Adventure…Poland

We decided for our first train ride to visit Poland as it was sort of last minute! We got on a train roundtrip for 29 Euro’s for a family of five! That is just amazing to me. The first thing the kids did when we got on the train was to pull out their books! We didn’t let me take their nooks and that was not a good choice. They read really quickly and so they decided to trade books when they were done with their own. The train ride was beautiful! It is a 2 hour train ride from Berlin to Stettin Poland. It was a nice short trip for the weekend! We walked around, visited a castle, and ate at a Polish restaurant. My son had wild boar as he is reading a series of books called Astrix and Astrix eats wild boar in the story. Atrix books are from Germany. The funny thing is that my inlaws gave my kids these books before we knew we were relocating to Germany.
It was a really beautiful day in Poland. Poland looks very similar to Germany in that the buildings have the same basic architecture. I love looking at all the churches and museums as I can’t imagine the time it took to build these buildings. The kids really enjoyed just being in another country and can’t wait for Paris!






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